DP(Dx) >= ħ/2

DP(Dx) >= ħ/2

Hello. I'm Cheryl, a Twenty-something year old stoned kid who loves indie music, heavy bass, novels, probability and statistics, physics, dark elements and beer. I especially can't stand bad copy writing or typography. My biggest and most embarrassing aspiration is to become a politician.

The content you'd find here mostly consists of curated mood-based music and cynical compositions.

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It’s got such strange impact.

In love, the rain makes you think of snuggling up to your significant other; absorbing his warmth and his love. 

In misery, the rain contributes to the mud you waddle in. Your tears don’t seem hot flowing down your face. 

In urgency, it sure has a way of dampening spirits. 

In the rain, as you run, as the cars pass, it cleanses you. 

I appreciate fine weather. 

"There are many things we think we could have done differently. And we are sorry, so sorry. But we’ve got to go with it, we pause to breathe through it and then we let go."

No one wants a perfect person

Because I want all of your flaws and engulf them in mine. Because I need to connect with your insecurities and know that you are as real as I am. 


Too many of us strive for perfection. We surround ourselves in forms of luxury. In food, material wealth and experiences; we validate ourselves through others. Most of us use this perfection to intrigue others, to snap up a mate but it’s never been about that. 

If you’re looking for love you won’t find it in a perfect person. You won’t find it in their work, perfectly placed hair, made-up skin, wallet of organised plastic or hand-crafted suede shoes.

You find love in the way they make you feel, the way they go all out for you, the way they never stop once to question if they should or shouldn’t. 

You find love when you exchange your flaws, when they compliment your abilities and personalities, when you pause at the right time.

You find love in bare faces, in pointless drive-bys, in drunken messes.

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"Imagine your girlfriend taking photographs of you, not selfies, not “outfit of the day”, no Instagram bullshit. Actual photos. When you wake up, when you look at her, when you’re making love, when you’re cooking, when you’re taking a shower. Imagine if your girlfriend did that. This is a person who loves creating a visual documentation of the person she loves. You would cry at every picture she took because you know it’ll be purer than any other visual representation of yourself."

Screen filter


You know sometimes you wake up and you feel you haven’t? Like everything is surreal and screened by a filter. It feels disgustingly unreal and foreign. It feels like a glitch waiting to be discovered, repaired. Or rather forgotten and as much as forgetting is never good; it always seems easier. 

You’d rather never have to experience this grotesque that follows you like a curse. Most of all, it’s not right when you think you can go to bed, restart and ease this feeling. Something is not right at all when it follows you.